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NMC Notification: Details Of Students Admitted For MBBS In India For 2023-24
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  • 8 марта, 2023
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NMC Notification: Details Of Students Admitted For MBBS In India For 2023-24

The National Medical Commission on December 18th, 2023 issued a notification regarding the details of students admitted for MBBS course in India for the Academic Year 2023-24. Earlier this year, the commission issued public notices informing all medical colleges in India to upload the details of all students admitted for graduate-level medical education for the academic year 2023-24 in the NMC Portal. 

It has come to the NMC’s notice that only 1,04,891 students’ details have been uploaded. Despite the extension of the last date to upload all details, some medical colleges failed to upload or provided incomplete data about the admitted students in the portal. 

Students whose details have been uploaded on the portal shall be eligible for registration to practice medicine in India, provided they fulfill all the criteria as per the NMC’s regulations. 

To ensure transparency and accuracy, the UGMEB has published a list of admitted students for the Academic Year 2023-24 on its website. Students enrolled in MBBS programs are strongly advised to verify that their names are correctly reflected in the uploaded list.

For students who find discrepancies or whose names are not included in the uploaded list, it is crucial to consult the relevant Directorate of Medical Education or Counseling Authority urgently. 

This verification process aims to address any oversights or incomplete data and ensure that all eligible students are duly recognized for their graduate-level medical education in the Academic Year 2023-24.

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