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  • Egypt is a transcontinental country that spans North Africa and Western Asia. Libya, Sudan, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea border.Cairo is the nation’s largest and capital city. Certainly, MBBS in Egypt is proving to be a reasonable alternative for MBBS abroad at a reasonable budget.

    Egypt is well-known for its historic culture and famous sites, including the Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Nile River. Arabic is the official language, and most of the population is Muslim. Egypt has a rich cultural history that has had an impact worldwide for ages, including its literature, music, and cuisine.


Studying in Egypt offers several advantages for international students:

1. Historical and Cultural Richness: Egypt is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, with a wealth of historical and cultural landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Luxor, and the Nile River. Studying in Egypt provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in this rich history and explore ancient monuments firsthand.

2. Academic Excellence: Egypt boasts several prestigious universities and academic institutions known for their quality education and research programs. Institutions like Cairo University, Ain Shams University, and the American University in Cairo offer a wide range of academic disciplines and opportunities for learning and intellectual growth.

3. Affordability: Compared to many Western countries, the cost of living and tuition fees in Egypt are relatively low, making it an attractive destination for international students seeking affordable education. This can include lower tuition fees, accommodation costs, and everyday expenses.

4. Diverse Study Options: Egypt offers diverse study options across various fields of study, including humanities, social sciences, engineering, medicine, and Islamic studies. Whether you’re interested in archaeology, engineering, Arabic language and literature, or business administration, you can find suitable programs in Egypt.

5. Arabic Language Learning: For students interested in Arabic language and culture, studying in Egypt provides an ideal environment for language immersion. Being surrounded by native Arabic speakers offers an excellent opportunity to improve language skills through daily interactions and practical experience.

6. Strategic Location: Egypt’s strategic location at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe makes it an ideal base for exploring nearby countries and regions. Its well-connected transportation networks make travel accessible, allowing students to experience different cultures and landscapes during breaks or holidays.

7. Gateway to Africa and the Middle East: Egypt serves as a gateway to both Africa and the Middle East, offering valuable insights into these regions’ cultures, politics, and economies. Studying in Egypt can provide a deeper understanding of regional dynamics and foster connections with students and professionals from diverse backgrounds.

8. Extracurricular Opportunities: Beyond academics, Egypt offers a vibrant social and cultural scene with numerous opportunities for extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, music, and community engagement. Students can participate in clubs, organizations, and events to enrich their university experience and build lifelong friendships.

9. Warm Climate and Natural Beauty: Egypt’s warm climate and natural beauty, including its picturesque beaches along the Red Sea and Mediterranean coastlines, offer opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Students can enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, and exploring the country’s diverse landscapes.

10. Hospitality and Friendliness: Egyptians are known for their hospitality and friendliness towards foreigners. International students often find themselves welcomed warmly by locals, which can contribute to a positive and supportive study environment.

Cost of Study MBBS in Egypt:

While calculating the cost of MBBS in Egypt, the major expenses are

  1. University Tuition Fee
  2. Hostel or Accommodation Cost
  3. Food Cost
  4. Travel cost to India
  5. Personal Expenses

The cost to Study in Egypt  is Depend on the type of courses 

1. Hostel Facility in Egypt

On-campus accommodations for international students are not always available at all universities. For instance, only students accepted on scholarships are provided housing at Cairo University while on campus accommodations are offered to every student enrolling at Ain Shams University.

Hostel Charges in Egypt: The charge ranges from 1500-2000 EGP (~4000-6000 INR)

Private Accommodation Cost (in Cairo): A 2 BHK flat, together with all utility bills in Cairo, costs around 6000-7000 EGP (15000-20000 INR) for a month. Nonetheless, the rest of the cities cost even less.

3. Indian Food in Egypt

Although there are few Indian students in Egypt, you will find many great food options there. Conversely, finding affordable food options on a monthly basis can be difficult. The availability of Indian messes is very limited. The cost of the Indian mess is around 2000 EGP (~6000 INR) every month. Self-cooking is a better option.

4. Travel Cost

Cairo is connected from Indian cities through Dubai. The time and cost of the flight depend upon your chosen airline. Flight can cost you approx. 20-25K for one way. Direct flights from India to Cairo are very few and take 6-7 hours.

Living Cost

Daily need items or groceries are a little expensive compared to India but still affordable. See the table below for an estimation of the cost of living in Egypt:

Average cost (Commodity)EGPINR
Milk (1 litre)3090
Loaf of bread1545
Eggs (dozen)40120
Monthly Pass for local conveyance330990
Basic Utility (Gas, Electricity, etc.)10003000
Meal at an average restaurant125375


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